Premise: Vectra City is in chaos. You are a champion of one of the four main factions, battling it out for control of the city. Using special abilities, connections, tactics, and even the sun itself to destroy the opposition and lay claim to the neo-noir metropolis of Vectra City.

Gameplay: Both players will select a character from the available pool to be their hero. Each character comes with their own signature cards and a set of basic cards for their starting decks. Players will take turns playing cards, dealing damage, acquiring new cards to their deck, and using special abilities. Players will also utilize The Sun, a main component in Vecra City that gives each player a small benefit each turn. As turns pass, different Suns will emerge and over time, providing players with more Energy to play more cards and alter their strategies. Unlike other deckbuilders where you can play all the cards you want in a single turn, players must manage a resource called Energy to play cards and use abilities. Characters also have an ultimate ability that builds over the course of the game, having a big impact on the game. Be the last one standing to win dominion over Vectra City.

What makes this game unique: Vectra City builds on the foundation of deck building games while adding in a heavy class based system and a neo-noir theme. Players that are familiar with deck-building games enjoy the different aspects of what each different character can bring into the game and how they shape each game to be very different from each other. Players also get attached to certain characters and will play several games with the same character to master them.