Vectra City is a competitive 2 player deck-building game set in a neo-noir world with fantasy elements. You each play as a legendary mercenary with a unique starting deck and player power, and win by reducing your opponent’s health to zero. These mercs are infamous in Vectra City, constantly vying for power and control. The city itself has been in chaos ever since the sun shattered, bestowing strange powers on some citizens and awakening untold darkness in others. The game takes about 15-30 minutes to play based on player experience.

Cardback Alios, Lawbringer

On your turn you can play cards with various effects such as gaining money, doing damage, or drawing cards. You can spend money to recruit cards from the Club into your deck, and deal damage to your opponent or certain cards they control called Connections. One thing that makes Vectra City unique is that cards cost a resource called Energy. This means that every turn you’ll have to make important decisions about how to spend your energy efficiently, rather than simply playing all the cards in your hand like you might in most other deckbuilders. Max Energy increases at a steady pace, allowing you to play more powerful cards over the course of the game.

Turn Structure Red Sun

Each mercenary has a unique ability that always costs 1 energy. This power usually synergizes with the three unique cards in their starting deck. They also have an Ultimate ability, their defining feature, that costs a different resource called Focus. Focus builds up over time when certain cards are played or when the Prime Sun is activated. The sun of Vectra City is shattered and fixed on the horizon, leaving the city in perpetual twilight. It is always changing colors, each of which bestow different powers that you as a merc can utilize. Each player will choose 1 of these sun phases during the start of the game. As the game progresses, you will cycle through the suns and have different effects each turn.

The Seeker

During the game, you will be recruiting cards from 4 different factions who each have their own unique mechanics. The police force faction, called The Authority, want to control how your opponent plays and lock down their options while allowing you to buy more expensive cards. The Crimson Kindred are ruthless thugs that have been exposed to blood magic. Their aim is to deal as much damage as possible while filling your opponent’s deck with unwanted cards. Due to the shattered sun, a small group of citizens have been given the power of Flux, which allows them to cast neon energy and communicate from afar. The Gathering is the faction of Flux casters, their abilities allow them to draw cards, manipulate player decks, and provide benefits if you have lots of Connection cards. Finally, the faction that worships the sun, the Cult of Mag’nar, use their sinister powers to amplify sun effects, drain health from your opponent, and force your opponent to discard cards.

With unique mercs to choose from each game, different sun powers each turn, and a huge set of cards to build the perfect deck from, you can expect a fresh experience every time you play Vectra City! Just remember that there’s no such thing as loyalty in this city…