Changelog - May 10th 2018

Changelog for version .55

Card Changes

  • Runner - Energy cost lowered from 1 to 0.

    • This is a massive change to the game. Due to the playtests at Protospiel Indy, I received a lot of feedback for Runners in particular. They are meant to be bad cards to filter that you want to filter out of your deck. However, they are proving much too restrictive. Once you start buying cards and you start drawing those cards, you simply don’t have enough Energy to play them; thus they are always a dead card in your hand. Reducing them to zero energy also allows for more buying power. This creates a dynamic where players want to buy cards, since they actually have the Money to do so! Overall, this should be a positive change going forward, but as always we will keep an eye out.
  • Tithe - Energy cost increased from 1 to 2.

    • This card is extremely strong for its Energy costs but we wanted to keep the functionality the same. Increasing its cost to 2 should make players think about how they want to play this card.
  • Shock - Damage lowered from 3 to 2.

    • The Thunder does a ton of damage, but this card in particular does a lot of damage early on.

Champion Changes

  • Disabling The Architect and The Neomancer
    • These two champions are going under some pretty big changes so we will keep them out of the game for now until they get reworked, but they will be back next patch!

General Gameplay Changes

  • Starting deck changes - Starting decks now consist of 3 Signature Cards, 3 Blitz, 4 Runner.
    • Due to the big change of the Runner this patch, we decided to change up the starting deck a bit so buying power isn’t too crazy.