Changelog - July 2nd 2018

Sun Changes

  • Changed how the Sun cycle works. Each player chooses 1 Sun at the beginning of the game. After each round, the suns will cycle between the 2 chosen suns and the Prime Sun.

    • Developer notes: The reason for this change was to simplify sun rotations and provide some predictability during gameplay.
  • Prime Sun changes: Instead of landing on the Prime Sun, gaining 1 Max Energy, then moving on to the next Sun; landing on the Prime Sun gives players 1 Max Energy, 1 Focus and has a Sun ability. “You may Recruit one card from the Club with Money cost equal to or less than your Max Energy”

    • Developer notes: The Prime Sun needed to feel better. It was odd transitioning to the Prime Sun, just to transition right back. This, and the changes to how Sun cycles work, make the game flow much better.